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23 October 2014
21:00 What we want to achieve in this WOF
A. Eggermont

24 October 2014
F. Cavalli

Chairperson: PG. Pelicci, IEO Milan

 Challenges and opportunities for translating basic cancer research into new treatments
P. Workman, The Institute of Cancer Research, London


Chairperson: Richard Schilsky, American Society of Clinical Oncology, USA

 11:15 The new role of immunotherapy in cancer treatment
L. Zitvogel, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris, Paris

 12:00 Discussion

 14:30 Short Presentation

Initiative for providing anti-cancer drugs to Eastern Europe
M. Piccart, Brussels

 14:45 Short Presentation

Global taskforce on radiotherapy for cancer control (GTFRCC)
M. Gospodarowicz, Toronto

Chairperson: A. Eggermont, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris, Paris

15:30 How to evaluate the utility of cancer treatment
M. Rawlins, NICE, London

 16:15 Discussion

 17:30 General discussion

 19:00 Close
25 October 2014 
Chairperson: C. Wild, IARC, Lyon

 Efficacious and affordable treatments in the developing countries
R. Sankaranarayanan, IARC, Lyon

 10:00 Short Presentation

Update on Global Taskforce on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control
M. Gospodarowicz, Toronto

 10:15 Surgery in low and middle income countries
R. Sullivan, UK

 10:45 Final discussion 
F. Cavalli and A. Eggermont